Gold standard
urine specimen


more accurate results,
diagnosis and targeted

no intervention,
improved patient safety,
quality of care,
infection control

analytical clarity,
primary tube (no decanting),
better results

Urine is an essential specimen used in routine medical evaluations for assessing symptoms, monitoring disease, detecting infection and diagnosing medical conditions such as Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

Routine dipstick investigation of urine also takes place throughout pregnancy when accuracy can better detect problems, prevent unnecessary prescribing and reassure the patient and healthcare professionals as to the health of mother and child.

Peezy Midstream reduces false-positive and contaminated patient urine samples, leading to reducing retests, more accurate dipstick and microbiology analysis, and cost savings for healthcare providers.

Innovative, evidence-based Peezy Midstream is easy to use, hygienic and patient friendly; it is designed to obtain reliable, clean-catch urine specimens for more accurate diagnostic clinical practice.

Peezy Midstream: dry hands, dry toilet, dry floor.


Instructions are printed onto each Peezy Midstream kit. The two most important points are:

Make sure your bladder is full

When urine flow has stopped, count to 10 before removing tube from Peezy

Please also view How to Use Peezy Animation

Assisted Use

Assemble Peezy as illustrated.

Ensure the patient has a full bladder
Women and children:
sit well back on the toilet
Men: stand if comfortable to do so, or sit as above

Transform UTI diagnoses for women


Peezy Midstream FAQ

What are recommended guidelines for collection of urine?

Guidelines for microbiology investigation of urine specify midstream urine (also called a clean-catch) for routine screening; this requires the patient to start-stop-start their urine stream and cannot be guaranteed. There are no formal, established protocols for the collection of urine.

Links to relevant guidance:

UK: PHE UK Standards for Microbiology Investigation of Urine

USA: Specimencare Global Preanalytical Resource Centre

Peezy Midstream FAQ

How does Peezy Midstream capture a clean-catch sample?

The first flush of urine will wash natural bacteria and other debris out of the urethra and off the skin and into the sample. Peezy Midstream rejects the first 10-20ml of first-flush into the toilet; this moisture will prompt a compressed cellulose sponge to expand and block the outlet. Midstream urine is diverted into the appropriate collection tube. Once the tube is full, a vacuum is created to avoid dilution and excess urine is diverted into the toilet. Peezy Midstream is engineered to manage urine flows between 10ml to 40ml per second (min / max*) and cannot overflow.

* Liverpool nomogram study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2765766

Peezy Midstream FAQ

Who can use Peezy Midstream?

Women: it is contoured to the body, offering dignity and hygiene

Pregnant women:
can feel Peezy Midstream is in place without struggling to look

Peezy Midstream mimics the shape of a urinal making it easy to use

Elderly patients:
hygienic and dignified

old enough to walk, or sit on a toilet or potty

Patients needing assistance or children:
a carer holds Peezy Midstream in place from the tube without touching or embarrassment. It is also much more hygienic for both parties

Peezy Midstream FAQ

Is Peezy Midstream FDA / MHRA approved?

Peezy Midstream is a Class I medical device, it does not need clearance (510K approval). However, it is registered with the FDA (USA) and the MHRA (UK).

Peezy Midstream FAQ

What are Peezy Midstream quality standards?

Peezy Midstream is a Class I medical device, it does not need clearance (510K Yes, it is manufactured in the UK meeting regulatory standards such as ISO:13485:2015.

Peezy Midstream FAQ

Is Peezy environmentally friendly?

Peezy Midstream is injection moulded from Polypropylene (PP), which is the most common polymer used in medical devices. Recycling is not recommended as after use, the device will contain/carry potentially hazardous human waste and should be incinerated. Peezy Midstream goes into “yellow bag waste” for incineration, which costs approx £0.004 per item.

Because of its right-first-time quality, Peezy reduces overall repeat use of single-use items across the patient and laboratory pathway.

Peezy Midstream FAQ

What kind of tube is in the pack?

Peezy Midstream kits use either 30ml or 10ml tubes and come in four (4) varieties, each with or without boric:

PE50: 10 ml plain tube (round bottom, white screw cap)

PE51: 10ml tube with Boric Acid preservative (round bottom, red screw cap

PE40: 30ml plain tube (flat bottom, conical interior, white screw cap)

PE41: 30ml tube with Boric Acid preservative (flat bottom, conical interior, red screw cap)

Peezy Midstream FAQ

What is the expiration date of the Peezy Midstream kits?

The use-by date is printed on each Peezy Midstream pack. The date is always three (3) years from date of manufacture.

Peezy Midstream FAQ

Can the collection tubes be centrifuged?

Yes, the collection tubes are suitable for centrifugation at 3,200 x g (30 ml at 3,800 xg).

Peezy Midstream FAQ

Are the tubes 95 kPa compliant?

Peezy Midstream collection tubes are all 95 kPa compliant (ie pressure requirement for leak free performance and suitable for transport).

Peezy Midstream FAQ

Are the tubes suitable for centrifugation?

Yes: Peezy Midstream collection tubes are suitable for centrifugation at 3,200 x g (30 ml at 3,800 xg).

Peezy Midstream FAQ

Are the collection tubes sterile?

The collection tubes are aseptically manufactured, meaning during production the tubes are free from pathogenic (disease forming) microorganisms.

Bioburden testing demonstrates the finished product is free from bacteria that might adversely impact the urine specimen analysis.

Peezy Midstream FAQ

Will the collection tubes leak?

No, not if the cap is properly screwed on to the tube. The collection tubes are leak tested in accordance with BS EN 14254 Annexe D standards.



2017 Barts NHS Hospital
London: Urine sample
contamination reduced from 23% to
1.5% using Peezy Midstream

Forte Medical Evidence White Paper


Improving UTI diagnosis by
introducing a UTI triage and
clean catch MSU process, showing
0% specimen contamination

Forte Medical Evidence White Paper


70% reduction of false-positive
dipped urines

Forte Medical Evidence White Paper


Midstream Urine in Obstetrics,
reduction from 6.7% to 2.5%

Forte Medical Evidence White Paper


Peezy at Ease urology clinic
mixed growth reduction from
23% to 5%

Forte Medical Evidence White Paper


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